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You want to use your unique skillset to do work you love and get paid what you deserve...
without fumbling around looking for quick fixes, wasting your time and money on things that don’t work, and making the same mistakes everyone else makes. 
We’re not here to give you a silver bullet or sugar-coat the work it will take to develop and run a successful business. 
We are here to guide you through the journey we’ve already taken, bust common myths about the freelance lifestyle, and give you the support you need to keep going when things get tough. 


Freelancers Aligned is a community of freelancers, consultants, and solopreneurs dedicated to mutual success. 


You’re not a solopreneur anymore - we are your team.


We help freelancers succeed by

providing a framework and a network community

so that they can
build meaningful, profitable work

that serves their lives and others. 

Freelancers Aligned is brought to you by
Leah Meyers and Sarah Duran.

We are both freelancers who have built six-figure businesses from scratch. We’ve been there... figuring everything out alone, learning what works and doesn’t work for our clients, constantly refining our business models to give us what we need in life. 

We both have a passion for helping people leverage entrepreneurship to build their best life.



Everything you need to set up your freelance business for success.


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