Tips For Your Freelance Portfolio

freelance strategy success Sep 01, 2021
Tips For Your Freelance Portfolio

I don’t know if you’re anything like me but when I first started freelancing the hardest thing for me figuring out what goes in my portfolio. I always had the mindset of not being that great, I’m not that special, and I haven’t done special things. I didn’t think I had anything that stood out. This was obviously something that was just in my head. What I use in my portfolio now are case studies and building it with those things that I love doing. So I showcase my work!

It’s important to have a range of things that you can do. For myself, for example, I want to show some courses that I recommend and helped other clients build, launch numbers if that applies, and memberships I’ve helped create. All of those things as well as Kajabi websites that I build-out. I’ve also focused on some great homepages I’ve designed and other things that I do too. This really shows other people that land on my portfolio the opportunity to look and get their ideas going. 

Sometimes someone hires me for a website but notices in my portfolio that I’ve done courses. They can then hire me to do that as well. And, that’s the point I want to make with your portfolio. It’s a place to promote all of your skills and things that you do, but also a place where you can promote yourself and what you can do. 

Let’s use the example that you’re a social media manager and feel like you haven’t done anything. Something you can do is create a really great Instagram post to show your skills or create a great Facebook post that shows your skills. If you were a ghostwriter you could mock up a blog or news article to build up your portfolio. It’s about giving your clients a taste before really getting to work with you. Take a couple of minutes to brainstorm all of the different areas that can really enhance your portfolio. 

Another changing point for me was when I started to include testimonials in my portfolio. Some people specifically go to my testimonial area and other people specifically go to my portfolio area. I really want to give those that go straight to my portfolio the case studies and screenshots of my work.

I hope this was super helpful for you. And, I hope you don’t take as long as I did before you set up your portfolio. For more questions on setting up your portfolio, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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