Ask-a-Freelancer: Samantha Lee

ask-a-freelancer Aug 02, 2021

What do you do?
I am a Freelance Marketing Manager

What does an average day look like for you?
An average day for me is busy working on client projects, I am also a mom, I have two young girls. So I juggle their school schedules around my meetings and work commitments. 

How did you get here?
I started my career in marketing in Australia after graduating from college. I immigrated to America 10 years ago and moved frequently due to my husband's career. Due to this lifestyle, I began freelancing so I could continue working in the field I had studied in and was passionate about most.

What mistakes did you make along the way that others should avoid? 
I think the biggest mistakes I have made is undervaluing my time. Earlier on I would on take projects for lower rates, which I think a lot of freelancers do. I think as I have continued freelancing I understand that is very important to make sure you are being selective in the projects you accept and you are being fairly compensated for the service you are providing.

If you could go back, what advice would you give yourself when you first started out?
When I started freelancing, I didn't know anyone else who was working remotely. I would go back and give myself the advice to seek mentorship. While I did navigate through the beginning of freelancing, I now believe it would have been far easier and a lot more enjoyable if I had that support to guide me, someone who could have answered my many questions.

What are your favorite platforms/tools?
There are so many all depending on what kind of project I am working on, some of them are; Google Drive Google Calendar Canva Photoshop Buffer Slack Splice - App Instories - App My favorite platforms are: Instagram TikTok.

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